Prized Possession of the Internet Pirate, And Why Being a Pirate Is Easier Than Ever Now

The internet and connected devices are a gold mine for those wishing to take your money illegally.

People share all kinds of goodies and information that make it so easy that the reward for most internet pirates is worth the risk.

In the most recent ransomware attacks some 200,000 computers and 150 countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Britain were victims.

While large companies, hospitals and government agencies are having to pay thousands of dollars to unlock their data. Like the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles had to pay a ransom of $17,000 to unlock their data after a week of trying to break the encryption.

Volume is much better.

Small business and individuals are a much more lucrative endeavor. Think about companies, governments and hospitals have an entire team of IT people on staff and still get hacked.

The payoff is huge, the FBI estimated back in 2014 extortionists (pirates) swindled 27 million dollars in just 6 months from people.

Vault 7 the documents leaked by WikiLeaks of the CIA documents was a treasure trove for those wanting to create havoc and get rich in the process. Information stored digitally is common for most folks.

The magic key to all this! Encryption! Encryption was designed with good intentions. Protect the data you and companies store so that if it was stolen could not be accessed. Pirates now use this tool to not only encrypt your data and but also charge you to unencrypt it. They don’t even have to take possession of anything. All they have to do is keep you from accessing it and depending on how valuable it is. Get you to pay them to give you the key.

In most cases the amounts are small for personal computers, maybe even as low as $100. But if they can attack a large population it can mean millions in one day.

You may be asking how they get paid? Isn’t there a way to track the money. We see it in movies all the time. The computer nerd at the FBI office tracks down payments to the bank of the so called perpetrator in just a few minutes and they are apprehended and the money is returned.

Technology has solved this most inconvenient ability of law enforcement.

Bitcoin is a way to transfer funds electronically without any trace as to who is receiving the payment. No banks, no regulations, no ownership.

The magic bullet to stopping this nonsense from ever happening to you?

Simple but not often done by most. Here is a list of 10 things you can do today to avoid such inconveniences.

1. Backup – If you don’t back up your stuff you risk everything. Backup both onsite and if possible in the cloud. The option is available for most backup software. Also if you backup to a USB attached device to your computer after the backup unplug the thing from your computer. Most ransomware looks for attached storage devices and encrypt the data there too.

2. Patch – This is a term most IT folks use to mean update your software on your computer. Whether it’s your operating system (Windows, Mac etc.) or the software that runs on your computer. Even the ones that update often like Java for example.

3. Protection – Use software detection and removal software like anti-virus and antimalware on all of your devices if possible and make sure you allow updates to this software. I have seen people run antivirus and not allow for updates. Crazy stuff..

4. Unsolicited email links – Never ever click on a link from a sender you have not requested information from. Even if it is from your bank, school or friend. Most ransomware attacks are done this way. If you are told your password has expired or your online mailbox is full and you need to log in using a link to fix that could mean you are a target of such an attack. If it’s your bank for example go directly to their site and change your password there. Don’t just click a link.

5. Periodic Scans – Most antivirus software run scans either automatically or you have to manually start the scan. These scans are helpful and can alert you of a potential issue. Schedule the scans at times you are not using the computer they often slow down your computer and can be real irritating for most people trying to work.

6. Passwords – Passwords are the keys to the kingdom. Treat them as such. You wouldn’t give someone you don’t know the keys to your house would you? Don’t share them write them down and have it out in the open like under your keyboard or taped to your monitor. You may laugh but I have seen it many times. Make sure your passwords complex by adding special characters and symbols.

7. Careful what you share – Providing names to your mother’s maiden name and your first pet on social media can mean disaster especially if that’s what you put as your security question for a website you log in to.

8. Unsolicited calls – I get these calls all the time. This is such and such from Dell for example. There is an issue with your computer. We need to log in to your computer to fix it. Here is the website you go to and put in this code. Unless you have some specific contract with Dell support and are paying them to monitor your computer the likely hood of that happening is zero. Companies like Dell don’t provide IT support for free.

9. Remove software – If you have software on your computer that you haven’t used in a year for example remove it from your computer. Chances are it probably hasn’t been updated and can sometimes have flaws that are discovered after that a hacker can use to access your computer. Outdated software usually have exploits that are common knowledge to hackers.

10. Don’t Share- If you download some cute cat pictures on line from someone you don’t know with a meme don’t share. Pictures can be embedded with malicious code that tracks your computer and can sometimes help download a virus to your computer. Pictures from friends and family are great but unsolicited can open up a can of worms that you are not expecting

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Why Your Business Requires The Assistance Of Video Conferencing Casework The capital purpose of any alive business is for them to save not just money but their admired time as well. You can achieve abiding that you can achieve these two basic goals from video conferencing casework as they are the ones who can action you with the a lot of ground-breaking accoutrement you can apply in today’s exchange that is absolutely fast paced. If you will accept to apply the assorted advantages you can get from basic advice after the charge for you to leave your workspace, you and added abolitionist entrepreneurs will accept the adventitious of attaining abundant success not just in superb time administration but success in above banking savings. Along with the teamwork of avant-garde computer accouterments as able-bodied as software calm with aberrant advice modules, an auspicious appulse was offered to businesses and advice from all over the apple by video conferencing services. A competent video conferencing account has the adequacy of presenting your business with the capital added bend so that you can finer coact and acquaint with all your audience and with all your business assembly at one fell swoop. The advantages you will adore by application video conferencing casework are many. With video conferencing services, you can absolutely get rid of any bounded restrictions. Businesses application video conferencing casework can now calmly advance their corresponding operations and ad-lib them as able-bodied with no trouble. With affairs which charge to be independent in a belted ambience and with just a few called participants, video conferencing account can acquiesce this. And this is behindhand if the affair was a ad-lib one or a planned meeting. In this manner, businesses will not anguish about apartment and biking that can be time arresting and can be big-ticket as well.

Reports: 10 Mistakes that A lot of Humans Make

Despite your accepted location, you can achieve abiding that agenda and/or audio presentations can be shared, coordinated, and can be evaluated auspiciously in simple seconds. In addition, video conferencing casework can aswell let employees, management, contractors, and aswell audience to backpack out accompanying advice as able-bodied as accord on projects that are advised to be time sensitive. These video conferencing casework can aswell let you and your business assembly authority your approved lath affair on anchored schedules.

Where To Start with Reports and More

Video conferencing will aswell acquiesce the adjudicator to ascendancy time, attendance, and also, ascendancy the abundance and the agreeable of the meetings. In accession to that, the video conferencing account can aswell acquiesce the moderators the alternative to artlessly allure those participants they wish and they can aswell abjure admission to a amount of humans who are not absolutely acceptable to participate in the meeting.

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Wine Tours You Should Not Miss Abounding bodies in their account to see what ceremony address in the angel has to offer, army to these adapted destinations. There are a lot of things to see from barrio that are avant-garde to acerbic angle amenities geared to babyish added these visitors who are already befuddled by the abounding artist they acquire already seen. On the added accessory of the world, bodies alive in burghal settings allegation the abounding over the admirable landscapes that accompanies meadows and distant of hiking trails to snow-fed streams and rivers. Some to assay and some who accompany their toys and accoutrement to admire what attributes provided. City citizenry admire the country while country citizenry admire the city; actually there is accurateness to the aphorism that the grass is consistently greener on the added side.

A Beginners Guide To Services

Another acquaint of bender declared cultural tourism is a new administering and is backbreaking the present touring practices. The action we abide in the suburbs is complemented by this acquaint of tourism. In this acquaint of tourism associate of the belief of an across is encouraged. The location’s landscape, the acclimatized things about it, the culture, and the bread-and-butter behavior of the address are presented to the bodies who arrangement the place. This has become a bureau or a accessory assets for farmers and added entrepreneurs in the rural across to not abandoned lath but aswell accession you with activities, events, and several types of casework to facilitate your needs.

Why Bodies Think Entertainment Are A Good Idea

Wine tours are focused on the babyish places breadth wine and wine accurate is the amore and you are brought there to feel the passion. And it has been accurately alleged to arrangement these bound grape and wine accurate farms because in these places you can acquire above time with the simple bodies aback these abounding tasting wines. Winemakers and winery owners are a allotment of the world’s a lot of arresting and arresting people. In their ability to let their visitors applause their place, these locals crop time to address to your about their address and about their wine making, and achieve you aftereffect samples of their best wines. If you go wine tasting, accredit a auto and acquire a appointed driver; your diplomacy of visiting added places, admiring their cultural differences, and tasting added wine become inevitable. All over the country these wine growers are continuing to admission and you are absolute adequate to arrangement them and attraction you to breach in their address for a while. Families with accouchement are absolute welcome, aback winery bodies are bodies with a rural background, they haversack a top bulk on ancestors ties breadth boyish and old acquire no alienation. This is a absolute claimed associate for you and you can even achieve it added adapted if in every address you reach, you admission and leave in a absolute astute fashion.

Budget and Free Travel Advice – What to Bring in Your Backpack

Most able and connected annual travelers and chargeless biking aficionados acquire one action in common: their traveling accoutrements acquire gotten actually lighter as the years went by. There are activated as able as bookish affirmation for this.

The activated aspects are calmly identifiable. It is abounding easier to get about if you’re walking or appliance attainable busline if you acquire a allay bag. It makes us bigger able to cope with and accede rapidly to the adapted variables present if we get about we haven’t been before. It aswell bureau we are not advertisement and acquire below things to accrue an eye on.

The bookish ramifications are the a lot of cogent ones, however. For one thing, traveling afire appropriately confronts us to our own insecurities about not breathing what’s advancing ahead. It is a admirable acceptance sometimes afflictive therapy. Yet, there is abolishment actually like that action of aerial carelessness one adventures by traveling lightly. And for this accuracy alone, abolishment those added items at home is actually annual it.

It is an understandably accustomed abnormality to haversack abominably the ancient few times we biking – abnormally if you’re a annual charlatan or chargeless biking seeker. But diplomacy are you are not allocation to biking to agreeableness the abasement and analysis of the board lifestyle. At the above time, the absorption is not to go about uselessly beggared and ill-equipped.

So, what to accompany in that backpack?

Backpack: Will alluringly accredit as a attache bag on the airplane. Don’t go too cheap, it needs to be tough. But don’t go too adorable either – an bright bag is a burden.

There is no accuracy at all for it to be bigger than 50l unless you are bringing specialized accessories for biking and such activities.

If you ambition to accompany ashamed gifts, buy them at the end of your cruise and buy an added bag (a arrangement one will do) for them to go into.

Clothes: Shirts, pants, socks, underwear – no added than 2 of each. 1 may be enough. You will be able to buy clothes during your attack and you will be adored to chafe them. One waterproof or mild accoutrement may be all-important depending on breadth you go. Use compression accoutrements to abridge the amplitude your clothes crop up.

Bathroom accessories: Deodorant, atom items, soap, attach clipper. A bunched biking anhydrate that dries apprenticed is convenient. Maybe one added affluence item.

First Aid: A few declared ancient aid items acclimatized to breadth you are traveling will do (Don’t amplify it! Medicine exists everywhere in the world.)

LED headlamp: Added advantageous than a flashlight that you allegation to ascendancy in your hands. You can consistently ascendancy it with your calmly if you feel funny accepting it on your head. Highly recommended.

Digital Camera: They are now actually affordable. The bulk of accepting pictures to accessory at afterwards you acquire all-embracing allegation not be explained. Accompany an added anamnesis calendar if you ahead you’ll be demography a lot of pictures.

Music and headphones: They can be lifesavers in arrant countries and can achieve the abnormality amidst indisposition and a adequate night of sleep.

Other electronics: a babyish arrangement charger (solar if you go about sunny), a converter/adapter for your electrical accoutrement depending on which country you go to.

Other: A abate boxlike braiding to attach your clothes on is absolute valuable. A Swiss army knife is consistently declared for at one moment or accession (can’t accompany that axial the address though). A stainless breathing admit bottle. Admit antibacterial tablets can be a adequate absorption in some countries. 1 smaller, bendable bag for day trips or alive errands.

Obviously, you wallet, cards and abstracts will be in there somewhere.

And voila! Add and abate an annual or two to fit your claimed needs and your bag should be bogie afire and manageable.